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We believe that strong values is the key to a successful business and company values that underpin all decisions we make.

We rely on People
We developed based on strong moral principles. Act fairly, honestly and transparently.

Strengthen the reputation collaborators and customers by offering the best products.

Who we are?

INGENIOMARK Ltd. is a manufacturer of ENGINE BEARINGS that has restarted its production activity on September 1st 2014 aftertaking the shares, and is located in Eastern Europe in BRASOV - the industrial city of ROMANIA.

With more than 30 years experience of production, we work in the new plant under ISO 9001:2008 certification

We produce:

1. Half plain bearings (ᴓ40 mm – ᴓ102mm)
2. Wrapped bushes    
(ᴓ20 mm – ᴓ80mm)
3. Thrust washers
for internal combustion engines;

We also produce bimetal strip for all the Al/Sn alloys, and reopened the homologation department for new products prototyping.

The company currently sells products under a single brand: INGENIOMARK.